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a very angry chib a very angry chib

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Looks like you did some layer adjustment, and didn't get to a few spots. They are very hard to see if you are not looking for messups, but all in all the art is pretty good. A few things i have found that is wrong in this, and you may argue some of them.

The left ear. (The one on the right side of the picture) has a sharper bottom incline/decline junction point. Possible touch up, but not a major issue.

Layering white spots. Along the bottom near the little heart, and some spots along the hair points at teh bottom of the picture. You can see a very small line of white. This could be a layering error, but I don't see much wrong in it.

I hope my words don't offend you, and may help you in your art.

limeslimed responds:

Don't like my criticism then don't post shit. I gave you a good rating, and gave you feedback. If you act like that you won't be on here long, and have a following. Unless you try to post mature content, but that would mean you have nothing better to do with your life then to draw naked women. All I did was give you legit feedback over some things I noticed in your picture, and you throw a hissy fit about it. I don't really care for the grade school bs so I am going to end my argument here with this. You can ignore it, and let it go, or you can respond with a little less hostility.